Make Exercise Machines Work for You

Make the Right Choice
204 - Action

Not all Gym Equipment are created equal. Photo Credits

Going to the gym can help you a lot in terms of instilling discipline and in improving your health through physical fitness.

But as all gym-goers know the best type of exercise machines are the same machines that they most likely have almost no opportunity […]

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Battery Packs are No Longer Just for Small Electronic Devices.

It Can Now Power Homes
18V Rechargeable Battery Pack

A Do-it-Yourself Battery Pack. Photo Credits

Website Business Insider reported that American Automotive and Energy Storage Company TESLA is working on a battery pack that could be used to supply power in individual residences. The website reported that this is not the first time TESLA hinted about something like this. “Musk had […]

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Stay Safe and Avoid Getting Electrocuted

The Dangers of Electrocution

The Hazards of Electrocution. Photo Credits.

Electrocution is no joke. It may be a mild jolt, or an electric shock that could send you straight to the ER, if you will be lucky enough to reach the hospital in time.

In Miami, Florida for example, a teenage boy died after getting electrocuted while using […]

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Off-the-Grid Lifestyle

What it is like to live off-the-grid

The Serenity that Off-the-Grid Lifestyle Provides. Photo Credits

If you are one of those people who are tired of what civilization has to offer, and what you have to give back in return, then you might as well take a peek in the lives of those who mustered the courage […]

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Uncommon Uses of a Refrigerator

There is More to Your Refrigerator than preserving food
New refrigerator at new house 01.11.2008

Your Refrigerator has a lot more to offer than storage and cooling. Photo Credits.

Did you know that an up and coming model of refrigerator can now make a cup of steaming hot coffee? In its website, CNN Money reported that GE Appliances is coming up with a […]

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A Closer Look at Vintage Lighting

Accentuate your Space with Vintage Lightning
Pendik - Mudo

Accentuate that space, and set the mood with vintage lights. (Photo Credits)

Vintage Lighting is slowly taking center stage as more and more quaint homes, spaces, and business establishment, accentuate their spaces with this kind of lighting style.

Website Little Black Book Delhi emphasized in one of its posts that lighting can […]

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All About Washing Machines

How to Sanitize and Deodorize your Washing Machine
Water entered new washing machine

Sanitize and Deodorize your washing machine regularly. Photo Credits

There are a lot more things one has to know about washing machines. The routine usage of this home device has just become so ordinary, homeowners tend to forget what else they can do with it, or what can be […]

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Do Not Neglect that Exhaust Fan

How to Clean your Home Exhaust Fan
exhaust fans in the kitchen hahahaha

Do not neglect them. Clean them regularly. Photo Credits

Cleaning the exhaust fan is definitely a chore. For one, you will need a ladder to climb up onto it. You need to take out the cover and unscrew it.  All the while straining your neck and shoulder muscles, while sneezing […]

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Decorative Lighting

Of Mason Jars, Paper Flowers, and Other Lovely Decorative Lighting Trends
Let them eat Cake

Set the mood in any event through dramatic lighting. Photo Credits

Lighting really does a lot in terms of beautifying a home, making an event even more special, or accentuating a corner of an otherwise plain space. Orange county electrician Repair shared 19 weddings that are […]

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Unique Lighting Ideas that Really Brighten up a Room

Lighting Trends
Lighting has become a big thing in most modern houses, that you will think it is a work or art – a centerpiece and a conversation starter at the same time. ElectricianVisions Orange County, CA

DIY Barn Pulley Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights lend a classy vibe to any room. Photo Credits. has shared lovely artisanal lighting trends that are classily […]

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