The Many Uses of A Curling Iron

The Mini Appliance that does Wonders to the Hair

The curling iron can do more than curling the hair. Photo Credits

A Curling Iron is one of the beauty mini appliance must haves of a good number of ladies who may want to sport a new look every now and then.

This portable electronic device is commonly used […]

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Do-it-Yourself Torch Light

How to make your own torch lights

It is not that complicated so yes, you ca make your own too. Photo Credits

You will never know when an emergency will strike, hence it is best to have a know-how in making emergency lighting devices.
The website shared a step-by-step instruction guide complete with photos on how to […]

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Hemp Plant as Potential Energy Storage

Batteries and Stored Energy

Storing Energy in Batteries. Photo Credits

Batteries store energy and help people in a lot of levels, and so more and more research is being done on how to store energy to attain the maximum benefits of batteries.

The website The Mind Unleashed for instance shared a new study n hem being a potential […]

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The Keyboards of the Future

The Latest on Keyboards

The evolution of keyboards. (Photo Credits)

Typing away in the computer the whole day can get a bit dull and boring. But not until you see the latest trends in electronic keyboards.
Website for instance featured this modern keyboard that was said to be invented to make its users type even faster. “Frustrated […]

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Repurposing Chest Freezers

Converting a Chest Freezer into an Energy Efficient Refrigerator
Chest freezer of breast milk

Extra Chest Freezer in the garage? Turn it into an energy efficient refrigerator. (Photo Credits)

Chest Freezers are now the new efficient refrigerators – at least according to those preparing for a life off the grid.

In the Website New Life on A Homestead detailed how they converted a […]

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