Can you do without a Cable Box?

All about the cable box
Under the TV

Do you still have one at home? (Photo Credits)

While a growing number of households have been cutting their cable subscriptions to save on utility bills, it cannot be denied that majority of homes still have cable subscription.

But what can be done about the sometimes hideous, and space hogging contraption that comes […]

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Deep Cleaning an Electric Stove

How to Clean an Electric Stove

Cleaning your electric stove makes it more energy efficient. (Photo Credits)

Is your electric stove getting greasy and is full of gunk?

Fret not, because there are great ways to spruce it up and make it look like new.

Apartment Therapy shared a technique on how to deep clean an electric stove using […]

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How to clean an electric fan

The proper way of cleaning a fan
cobalt electric fan

Clean your desk fans regularly. (Photo Credits)

Desk Fans are very useful especially during the summer. But like any other home appliance, it should be cleaner regularly to ensure that the dirt and dust that it harbors do not affect the health of th people who uses it.

But how does […]

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Do-It-Yourself Refrigerator

Can you make a DIY Ref?

Making a DIY Refrigerator. (Photo Credits)

Refrigerators are very important especially in prolonging the shelf life of food, and making certain food stuff and beverages more palatable.

But refrigerators consume a lot of electricity considering that it has to be continuously plugged in and at the same time it continues to generate […]

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