The Beauty of String Lights

String Light Decors
String of Light

Happy String Lights all-year round. (Photo Credits)

String lights are a happy way to illuminate and decorate your home all year round. It may be very popular during the holidays, but it can definitely amp up the feel of your home anytime of the year. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies  

DecoratingYourSmallSpace.Com has fantastic ideas […]

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Make your Own Table Lamp

The Art of making a DIY Table Lamp
How to Make a Camera Lamp

Why not make your own table top lamp? (Photo Credits)

When you want to be greeted by a more fun or glamorous looking table lamp but do not have the budget to buy a new one, you might as well take the DIY route. Association of Edison Illuminating Companies […]

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Electric Kitchen Appliances You Would Like to Have

Dream Kitchen Appliances

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one? (Photo Credits) 

When you spend a good couple of hours in the kitchen preparing food, and tidying up, you will most likely dream of having kitchen appliances that will make your life easier.

Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies Well, most will not actually fall under the category of […]

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Decorating Ideas using String Lights

How to Decorate with String Lights
Hanging Lights

Light up happiness, take the joy up one notch with string lights. (Photo Credits)

String lights are almost, always happy and festive to look at. And the great thing about it is that it has a lot of uses in terms of decorating your home or your commercial establishment.

It adds […]

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Amazing Electric-Powered Christmas Lanterns

Holiday Lanterns that spread cheer
Christmas Lantern

Super Nice Holiday Lanterns. (Photo Credits)


Holidays mean decorating for most households, and apart from Christmas trees, lights, wreaths and ornaments, Christmas Lanterns are happy symbols of Christmas that are made even more dazzling by its lights.

Association of Edison Illuiminating Companies The website featured various lanterns that will really make […]

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