The Offices of the Future

Robots as mainstays in Futuristic Workspaces
tabletop assistant

Robots and the Workplace of the Future. (Photo Credits)

Robots have always been a part of almost everyone’s foresight on what the future may bring.
But the future seems to be fast approaching, or it could be know. for instance featured a small start-up company that “employs” robots who stand for employees […]

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What you do not know about Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Trivia
Caribbean ceiling fan

What Ceiling Fans can do. (Photo Credits)

Ceiling fans are usually a fixture in the house that hardly gets the attention of homeowners unless it gets too dirty or broken.

But there are many things that ceiling fans can do, apart from helping cool down an area.

Tip Hero for instance shared that Ceiling Fans […]

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Ultra-Modern Television Set

What would be in store for the TV Set?
game over

How modern could it get? (Photo Credits) 

TV Sets have gone a long way. From very bulky appliances to what is now seemingly a thin frame that can even be hung on a wall. Electrical Contractors 

British Website the Daily Mail says this could even get thinner. “Scientists […]

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Pretty Night Lights

Wonderful night lights

Light up that night light. (Photo Credits)

For people who may not be able to sleep well without a light on, a night light could just be a perfect solution. Electrical Contractors featured a great night lamp for Big Hero fans. “A new Big Hero 6 desk lamp from Infothink, now available […]

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